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I also encourage continual handgun training to reduce your liability. That is why I offer advanced training designed for concealed carry permit holders. My courses will not only help to reduce your liability, but will also increase your proficiency with a handgun should you become involved in a deadly force encounter.

Re-qualification classes to retired Police Officers who would like to carry a firearm under the new Federal Law “ Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act 0f 2004 “( HR 218 ) (contact Dan for further information).

Advanced Classes will be held at KC’s Rifle Pistol Club. This outdoor range offers the flexibility of shooting scenarios that can not be duplicated at an indoor firing range due to limited space.

*Also offering combat shotgun classes and AR15 classes at KC’s Rifle Pistol Club.
Call Dan for details at 330-715-5993 or 330-714-4762.*

Upcoming Events:


WHEN: Saturday, July 15, 2017 09:00 – 17:00


WILL LEARN: Handgun fundamentals , reload drills , clearance drills and multiple target drills.

REQUIRED: Eye and ear protection and dress for the range, 450 rounds of ammunition, and at least 3 magazines, mag pouch and a holster. Bring a lunch. Beverages provided.

PRICE: $125



FOR ALL FULL-DAY ADVANCED CLASSES: In all firearms classes we will teach students to operate their firearm properly (show how to run your gun). Ammunition requirements are subject to change and depends on ammunition availability.
Bring a lunch , soft drinks, HOT coffee, and water will be provided. All others, HOT coffee will be provided. Contact Dan for more information.


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